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The Everyday Film Workshop | My Final Project

On a Tuesday night in February, I eagerly sat at my computer counting down the seconds to 9:00pm when the quarterly registration of The Everyday Film Workshop opened. After finding Emily on Instagram and seeing her real, authentic photographs and films I was so inspired to learn this very special skill.

Video has always appealed to me. Obviously I love photographs – my photographs are my version of treasure. Our family albums grace our coffee table, and we flip through them frequently, smiling at the memories. But video. Oh, video. The ability to capture not just how small her hands are, but how they move and manipulate a toy as she discovers it for the first time. The way the wind flows through her wispy baby hair. Her joy as she discovers the satisfaction of splashing water in the tub, and the sound of her squeaks and squeals as she splashes away. These are the sounds and movements I won’t want to forget, and I’m so incredibly grateful to have learned this set of skills.

This is my final project for the class. A collection of moments from the month of April, when James turned 5 months old. I am so excited to have been able to learn from Emily, and even more excited for the possibilities that video will bring not only to my family, but to you, my clients, as you start your families, grow your families, and treasure the little moments that we won’t want to forget. After posting this to my personal Facebook page, I’ve already had a lot of moms reach out wanting their own video of their sweet baby. If you are interested, let’s talk. I am so excited to be adding video services as a way to further document your family.

Spring time with James | 2017 from Courtney Malone on Vimeo.

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