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At Home with the Malones – May 2019

Welcome to the May edition of At Home with the Malone’s! It’s been an awesome month for us, and we’ve enjoyed the start of our South Carolina Summer (because even though it’s not technically even Summer yet, it is HOT HOT HOT here!).

Life Lately

I feel really proud of myself for continuing to document our little family well this month, for the most part! It’s always an intricate balance of documenting a moment, and just letting it ride for me. With James getting older, she is very aware of the camera and us having our phones out for a photo or video, and sometimes her behavior tanks when it’s out and she isn’t into it, understandably so. I know I wouldn’t enjoy a camera in my face 24/7. Ahh, the life of a photographer’s child!

It feels like a lot of this month was spent with J out in our front yard half (okay fine, sometimes fully) naked! ha! We spent a lot of time playing in the yard with bubbles, sprinklers, and kiddie pools. I feel like I can’t share most of our pictures from this month because she wore so little clothing! Ha!

I also had some fun getting creative in the studio with James! I purchased some black seamless paper, as well as some coral pink paper and had fun shooting some images of her that were a bit more styled than my norm! Once again, this child was not clothed for most of these (hence why I’m not sharing a ton!), but dang, it sure was fun to photograph something just for us!

James also had her last day of school at the end of the month! It was so bitersweet. She has been in a local Mother’s Morning Out program since she was 9 months old, and she has officially outgrown the program. So bitersweet to watch this girl grow! We had a bit of a rough start on our last day, so her last day of school picture was a bit teary. Poor girl!

Baby #2

It’s hard to believe I’m already in my third trimester! Time is going by seriously fast, and I can’t believe baby boy will be here in about 10 weeks. When my third trimester hit I realized… maybe I should start getting ready for this little dude! Ha! Being pregnant with a toddler around is a different ball game, and most days I’m just trying to get through in one piece!

We missed a few weeks (again) in tracking this pregnancy, but managed to get a few belly progress photos! We missed week 24 because I had the stomach virus which was NOT FUN. And Jim traveled a good bit this month, leading to some other missed weeks. But here’s a peek at Weeks 25 and Week 27!

25 Weeks!
27 Weeks!

And just for fun, here’s a look at 27 weeks with James!

Mid-month I started stocking up on a few essentials for baby boy, and I plan to share what I know I can’t live without for baby #2 in a separate post this coming month!

What We’re Looking Forward To

In a few weeks we are headed to the BEACH! We take this same trip the same week every year, and it’s a huge highlight for us. With James at this age, it is SO SO fun to watch Summer through her eyes, and we know our 2019 beach trip is going to be a blast. Here’s a peek at the video I put together from iPhone clips from last year. I plan to do the same for 2019!

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