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At Home with the Malones – June 2019

Welcome to the June edition of “At Home with the Malones”!

Life Lately

This was a busy month for us, as we took our annual trip to New Smyrna Beach! I was so excited for this week to get here, because last year James LOVED the beach. We could barely get her out of the water each day to go in for a nap or even to have a snack! Well… imagine my surprise when on day one our little lady was NOT having it at the beach. The sand was “dirty” and she had absolutely no interest in the “lotion” aka the ocean. Oy.

It took her 5 days, but our girl finally came around and realized how awesome the beach is! Once we got her warmed up to the water, she was back to her old ways and getting her out of the water and inside for the day was a struggle. We got off to a rocky start, but we are walking away with some sweet memories from our NSB 2019 trip! It’s hard to believe we will return next year as a family of FOUR!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our time at the beach!

The pool went over a little better than “the lotion” in the beginning…
Well, for the most part. Toddlers, man.
We managed to get some sweet sunset photos of our little family!
One of many lunches at our favorite beach dive, JB’s Fish Camp!

Baby #2

We are officially in the homestretch for baby boy! As of writing this post, we have LESS than 6 weeks to go. This pregnancy flew by at record speed. It’s safe to say I am officially in nesting mode, and we’ve been doing ALL the things to get ready for little man’s arrival.

In the week since we’ve gotten home from the beach, we’ve spent a small fortune on getting his room together, as well as stocking up on all the practical items we know we’ll need for when he is here! His room is just about ready, and I can’t wait to share a “reveal” of his little room very soon.

Here’s a look at the last few weeks of “the bump!” I’m OFFICIALLY uncomfortable, y’all. I can remember getting to this point with James and thinking I cannot possibly get any bigger/more uncomfortable than this – but I know all to well this last stretch brings a whole new world of discomfort, especially this second time around when things are a little more “worn in” if you will! Luckily, I also know that it is all so very worth it, and before we know it our little boy will be here and our family will be complete!

30 Weeks
31 Weeks
32 Weeks happened at the beach!

What We’re Looking Forward To

July should be a pretty quiet month for us as we prepare to become a family of four! I’ll be wrapping up my last handful of sessions before baby boy arrives, and the tail end of the month will launch me into my maternity leave which will officially start on August 1! I can’t believe we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy, and that our son will be here so soon! We are planning to do as much fun stuff as we can as a family of three, and do our best to get the house in order before his arrival very soon! I can’t wait to share some photos of his nursery very soon!

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