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At Home with the Malones – July 2019

Welcome to the July Edition of At Home with the Malones! It’s been a BUSY month as we prepare for baby boy’s arrival in just a couple of weeks. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to!

Life Lately

We’ve been doing ALL the things around the house to get ready for baby boy, all while I wrap up my last bit of shooting and editing before I go out on leave. I met 5 sweet new babies this month, and had a handful of studio milestone sessions, and have officially started my leave, which I plan to take for 10-12 weeks once baby arrives.

We’ve been soaking in time with “big sister” as she proudly likes to introduce herself as these days! I haven’t had a ton of time for personal work, but we did manage to grab a few sweet snapshots of our girl over the last couple weeks. She’s officially out of school until the baby arrives (send help!), so I imagine we’ll have some time for a few little photoshoots between now and baby day. What can I say, she’s my muse, and my very favorite photo subject.

Baby #2

I’m officially uncomfortable, and that is a huge understatement. I can remember getting to this point in my pregnancy with James and thinking “there is no possible way I can get more uncomfortable than this” and yet – another week would go by and I’d be just that much more uncomfortable. It’s hard to imagine it getting much worse than it is right now, but I know it’s definitely not getting better.

Just a couple days after my last shoot in late July I started having some really intense pelvic pain, to the point where most of my daily functions like walking, dressing, climbing stairs, holding my toddler, turning over in bed, etc. are extremely painful. I guess the timing was good since all of my commitments had been honored – but man oh man, this pain is NOT fun, and I’m having a hard time picturing feeling this way for another 2 weeks.

We missed quite a few weeks in the chaos of the last month, but we managed to get a couple of snaps of this big ol’ belly!

35 Weeks

James wanted her own solo shot for our 35 week update and I just about died when she walked out to our spot, turned to the side, and stuck out her hiney with a big ol’ grin for her shot. Is this not hilarious!? The girl kills me and I don’t think I could love her more! She’s insisted on taking her own photo for the last few weeks now, and it’s been so cute.

36 Weeks
37 Weeks

Another thing this sweet girl has been doing – she’ll take your hand and say “baby brother is moving in my tummy, here feel” and she’ll suck her breath in and out to make her belly move. She’ll also do it and say, “oh he’s sleeping right now, one minute.” It is SO cute, and I’m loving hearing a toddler’s perspective on baby brother.

She also has been doing a lot of independent imaginary play lately, and she loves to take care of her baby dolls and stuffed animals. The other day she was changing all of her animals diapers and soothing them while sitting on the floor. She said “I need help getting up!” and I about died laughing – she’s definitely picked that up from me, as I constantly need help getting up off the floor after play time and even off the couch if I get too comfortable! Ha! From the mouths of babes.

Well, friends, I guess the next time I post an “At Home with the Malones” update we will be a family of FOUR! It’s hard to believe that baby month is here, and we are so so exciting to meet our son!

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