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Baby Isabella Grace | In Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography Greenville, SC

I had the honor of photographing Miss Isabella Grace at just 5 days old. This session was particularly special to me, because this little babe was present at my own daughters birth just a few months ago. How can that be? Because her mama is the incredibly talented Sabrina Fields, who was our birth photographer for James’ arrival. Isabella was nestled safe in her mamas belly for the 15 hours Sabrina was with us to document her James’ birth – how cool is that!?

I am incredibly grateful for the community of photographers I have become a part of since starting this business. There is so much talent and kindness in our sweet little town, and I am grateful that the photographers in our community embrace the “community over competition” mentality. It is incredibly special to be a part of each others journeys in such an intimate way – in bringing new life into this world!

Isabella Grace surprised her mama and daddy by showing up 2 weeks before her scheduled c-section! Often times, the “nursery shot” is one of the favorites, and it is mine from this session for a different reason. Since things happened a little differently than planned, Isabella’s Nursery wasn’t quite set up yet, but I know this sweet family is grateful for the extra two weeks they get with this sweet girl!

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