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Greenville Family Photographer | The Brown Family

This year, I hosted two days of mini sessions, and wow – what an experience! I had SO much fun meeting and photographing some truly wonderful families. There are a lot of memorable moments from the weekend, but my very favorite came from my second session of the day when I met two year old Emerson.

This little girl is a ray of sunshine! Saturday was our first time meeting, but you wouldn’t have guessed it. The moment Emerson got out of the car, she ran up to me, gave me the biggest, sweetest hug and said “Take my PICTURE!” with so much enthusiasm. Ohhh, my heart! This little sweetheart kept coming up to me with the sweetest smile, posing perfectly for her picture, of which she wanted to see on the back of the camera almost every time. I didn’t mind one bit and had fun playing with her, telling her I got her stuck inside the camera! 

Kids are so unpredictable during photo sessions, but I absolutely love that about them. As a lifestyle photographer, it is my goal to capture your children just as they are, whether distracted by the exciting world around them, or attentive to having their picture taken and seeing themselves on the back of the camera. This little one captured my heart, and I am so grateful to have met her and her wonderful family!

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