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In Hospital Newborn Session with Hanna Rose | Greenville, South Carolina

It is hard to put into words the sweetness and tenderness of these in-hospital newborn sessions. The love and joy in the room is palpable, and I am so honored to be invited into these first few precious moments after a little one’s arrival. 

Sweet Hanna Rose made her entrance into the world in early January, and just 36 hours later I was able to capture her very first photos for her Mom and Dad, who know the depths of the miracle and blessing that she is. She is proof of God’s perfect timing, and I am so happy that her Mom and Dad have these photos to remember those first few precious days. 

It truly fills my soul that I get to call this “work”, but I believe to my core that it is my purpose and calling to create these memories and treasures for families, from day one and each year thereafter.

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