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Hi, I'm Courtney.
I'm so glad you have found your way to my little home on the web. I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and most importantly a mom to two sweet kiddos. I'm obsessed with newborns. family stories, helping mamas to better learn how to use their cameras to document their own motherhood journeys, and am constantly seeking to understand the wild and crazy ride that is motherhood.
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Using Flash for a Natural Light Look | Student Spotlight

June 28, 2022

I’ve been so lucky to have some amazing photographers enroll in my newest course (just shy of 70 to be exact!), that teaches lifestyle photographers how to get a natural light look with flash on location.

These photographers are doing an amazing job implementing my framework, and gaining incredible consistency in their work no matter the lighting situation they find themselves in, and I want to share their stories with you!

A lot of my students were hesitant to incorporate flash into their lifestyle newborn work…

After all, we are a group that generally prefers to use natural light! But if you’re a natural light photographer, you know that it’s not the most reliable light source and have likely been burned a time or two by the light you love so much.

Carly Matthews, a lifestyle newborn photographed based in Florida, is doing an incredible job incorporating flash into her work, especially her Fresh 48 sessions, which have to happen during a very tight window, rain or shine and regardless of whether mom got the hospital room with the panoramic view or tiny window looking out into the atrium.

Take a look at Carly’s story below! If you want to see how flash can transform your business too, check out the free training and other resources I offer here.

Q&A with Carly

Tell us about yourself!

I am a lifestyle photographer and filmmaker located on Florida’s Space Coast specializing in all things motherhood including newborn, fresh 48, maternity, and family sessions.

Why did you decide to enroll in The Lifestyle Lighting Framework? What challenges were you facing and how were they impacting your business?

I was hoping to gain knowledge and skills to be able to consistently photograph in-home sessions in my signature light, airy style without rescheduling for less than ideal weather (it rains a lot in Florida!) – I got that and so much more! I now bring my flash to every session and am confident pulling it out to allow for photos in rooms with less than ideal amounts of light that mom wants photos in (i.e., their bedroom with only one window next to a porch).

Were you hesitant to learn using flash? If so, why?

Yes! I was nervous about learning to work with tons of new equipment for my newborn sessions which can already be hectic with toddlers and a new setting for every session (since I do my work in client’s homes). Investing the time to learn these skills has been so worth it, though (and the new equipment is minimal).

Share how learning flash has impacted your business since taking the course…

It has allowed me so much more confidence walking into all my sessions knowing I can create the light I need no matter what their home layout is like or what the weather is.

How to use Flash for a Fresh 48 Session

Can you share a specific success story? Maybe a session where you used flash after taking the course and felt good about your results?

Fresh 48 sessions in the hospital are some of my favorite, but can be so tricky lighting wise – the windows are often small and not facing the sun and you can’t reschedule them for weather! My Fresh 48 sessions are now way less stressful and SO much easier to edit, because I’m not trying to compensate for a lack of light on location in post processing.

What would you say to someone on the fence about learning flash?

It is such a useful tool to have in your photographer’s toolkit and can give you a leg up on your competition since your work can always be lit exactly how you want!

Flash for Lifestyle Newborn Photographers
Flash for Natural Light Look for Lifestyle Newborn Photographers

Connect with Carly online! You can find her on Instagram here, and her website here!


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