The Three Step Framework for a Natural Light Look... without Natural Light

Are you on an on location lifestyle photographer who finds yourself panicked when the forecast calls for weather, or finding your client's homes don't have great natural light even on the sunniest of days? This training is for YOU!

ready to take action and learn flash?

  • How learning to use flash transformed my business from side hustle to multiple six-figure income.
  • The three biggest mistakes and assumptions photographers make when it comes to light on location.
  • My simple, three step strategy for recreating a natural light look using flash on location.

Watch the training now, or choose a time that works for you here:

P.S. Curious what flash gear you need? Check out my free guide to gear here!

All of these images were shot with flash?

would you be suprised to learn that

Flash does not have to be FLASHY, and it does not have to be intimidating! In fact, it's a vital tool for us on location photographers to be able to achieve consistent, beautiful results at each session. Even on the sunniest of days, some homes sit on shadowy, tree covered properties, or have window treatments, window layouts and configurations that make it near impossible to get beautiful light. Using  flash can be the difference between muddled skin tones and grainy images, vs. beautiful glowing skin and consistent light and bright results. I'm making it simple and easy to use on location, ditching the fear, and giving you the tools you need for incredible results.

student review

"Hands down, one of the best investments I have made for my photography business to date!"

- jessica brown, jessica brown photography

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