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The journey to bringing home your baby is my favorite thing to photograph. From pregnancy, to the hospital and finally home, I offer lifestyle sessions that capture this precious and fleeting time in a natural and authentic way. As a mother myself, I photograph families in the same way I document my own; with love, tenderness, joy and attention to the tiny details that change so fast, but we'll never want to forget. I believe that babies photograph most beautifully in their natural state, and love to capture them in the hospital and at home with your arms and living spaces as the most perfect backdrop.

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studio newborns

The CMP studio aims to capture newborns in their purest, most beautiful state. It doesn't require fancy props or baskets to showcase the beautiful features of these sweet little miracles. We keep simplicity in mind to offer a unique studio newborn style. Studio pricing is a two part process so that you can build a custom package that works for you and your family.

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studio session investment begins at $375

In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle newborn photography captures the precious miracle that is bringing your baby home. It creates tangible memories of those first few days, captures the detail of the room you’ve so lovingly prepared for them, and shows how tiny they are in your arms. My approach is family focused, and uses the natural elements of your home as the most perfect and natural backdrop for capturing memories of these precious newborn days

Lifestyle Newborn investment is $595

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"fresh 48" Hospital newborn sessions

Hospital sessions, also known as "fresh 48" sessions, capture the sweet and fleeting first hours of your baby's life in a beautiful, artful way. These sessions are my personal favorite, and of the many photographs I have of my own journey into motherhood, my Fresh 48 hospital images mean the most to me. 

hospital newborn session investment is $595

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Lifestyle photography is a style of portraiture that aims to capture images rich in story and emotion. It is people and connection focused, and aims to capture it’s subject as authentically is possible. For me, lifestyle photography is about bottling up these sweet and fleeting days of motherhood and childhood. It’s the same way I capture my own family, because of it’s ability to transport me back to little fleeting moments again and again.

what is lifestyle photography?

Because of the simple and natural style of these sessions, we can capture your new family anytime from birth to three months! My typical recommendation is anytime from one to four weeks after your newborn arrives. There are no “rules,” however, as you often hear about for older babies. It’s never too late to capture this sweet time in your life!

When do lifestyle newborn sessions take place?

Most of my mamas book their newborn sessions early in their second trimester! This helps me ensure I plan my schedule appropriately, and have plenty of availability around your due date.

when should we book our newborn session?

I’m so glad you asked! I send all of my clients a pre-session planning guide, which includes tips and tricks for choosing clothing that photographs well, as well as tips for coordinating outfits among your family. I’m always happy to help you with outfit selection!

what should we wear?

I offer mini sessions just two times per year - Mother's Day "Mommy and Me"  sessions, and family mini sessions during the Fall. Spots are limited, and historically these mini sessions sell out in less than 2 hours! I do offer a maternity mini session, however, to any clients booking a newborn session with me.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes! As a thank you to my clients for their continued trust in me, I’ve implemented a referral program! All booking clients will receive the details on my referral rewards.

Do you have a referral program?

Most of my sessions take place in the early mornings or evenings Monday-Thursday, with weekend time reserved for my own family. I do offer limited weekend availability at a premium rate, if a weekday just doesn't work for your family. Like most other jobs, I try to do most of my work during the weekdays, and reserve weekends for personal time with my husband and daughter. 

Can we schedule our session for the weekend?

Yes! I have a beautiful natural light studio in my home that I use for milestone sessions in the first year of life, as well as studio lifestyle newborn portraits (oh, and don’t forget our annual Christmas pajama event!). Our home is currently being renovated, so the studio is temporarily closed until October of 2018. If you are interested in a studio session, please let me know, as I do have access to a temporary space during this time. 

Do you have a studio?

This is such a wonderful question, and one I love to answer openly and honestly. Just like every relationship in life, you connect with some people more than others. My recommendation is to do your homework. Explore your options, study the work of your potential photographers. Do you resonate with the stylistic look and feel of the photographers work (i.e., a bright and classic style, or perhaps a darker moody style)? Do you resonate with the emotions and feelings captured in the images? Do you resonate with the photographer’s about page and the factors that inspire their work? These are important things to consider when choosing your photographer, because it is important that they can invoke connection and feeling to capture your truest, most authentic self. 

How do i know ifyou are the right photographer for my family?

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